Your Nexus/LG phone need one USB OTG Cable

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do you want to print files on your Nexus mobile directly? Do you want your Nexus read USB disk or other devices? All you’ll need is the USB Type C Cable which come with the peripheral and something called a OTG USB C cable.

USB Type C to USB 3.0 Female

What is OTG?

USB OTG,or USB On-The-Go is a fuction which makes USB devices like mobile phone to act as a master.Other peripheral devices like printer,mp3,USB Disk,camera,mouse or keyboard to be attached to them.It allows a mobile phone read from removable devices as a computer, although it act as a slave device when connected to a real computer.

What USB Type C mobile support OTG?


How does it work?


*Click mouse to control your phone

*Keyboard input is available to your phone

*Exciting enjoyment in games when connect to your gamepad

*Print documents from your Type C mobile without computer transition

*Bidirectional data transfer and charge to camera or other mobileRead files videos from your removed Reader,USB Flash Drive,mp4 or mobile Hard Drive

What a fantastic USB C OTG Cable it is! Your new mobile need it.

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