XiaoMi Type-C fast charge data cable photo show: nylon briad

Thursday, July 07, 2016

                      XiaoMi Type-C fast charge data cable  photo show: nylon briad 

By the end of last month, XiaoMi shelves updated a new Type-C USB fast charging data usb cable, it is new nylon braid jeaket cable , following for us to bring the picture reward.

The data line in keeping with the same price in the case of rubber, for nylon woven wire and aluminum magnesium alloy plug, more texture, more durable.

Core wire bold power line core (22awg), oxygen free copper tin, new aluminum foil and braid dual shielding layer, speed up to 480mbps support fast charge (5V/2.1A); plug is made of aluminum magnesium alloy, anodizing sandblasting;  with Velcro tie wire belt, easy storage.

With gold silver grey color, suitable for XiaoMI4C, XiaoMi 5, XiaoMi 2 tablet, MacBook and other mainstream Type-C interface equipment.

 nylon braid  usb type c

Magic tape binding line

usb type-c for xiaomi


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