What is USB Type C

Friday, June 03, 2016

Type C Picture

What is USB Type C


Type C Features

1.Type-C interface socket end size 8.3mm * 2.5mm ;

2.10000 times durability

3. Reversible Type-C support both sides insertion

4.Slim design;

5.The maximum data transfer rate up to 10GBit/s, USB 3.1 standard;

6.Standard equipped with a Type-C.

7. Connector connecting line via the 3A current,

also support beyond the existing USB power supply capacity of the"USB PD", can provide a maximum of 100 W electric power.

Advantage of USB Type C Cable

1.A single powerful interface support data, audio and video, power "4 in 1"

2.(10G/S) / power (3~5A) / power (~100W) index improved significantly;

3.Convenient reversible plug and exchange interface;

4.Improved EMI and RFI mitigation features

5.Backward compatible with USB3.0/2.0/USB PD.

6. Make your ordinary USB devices compatible with the New 2015 Mac,Chromebook Pixel, LeTV Phone and many other new booming devices.

7. Smaller, smarter and more convenient.

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