USB Type C will be the mainstream

Monday, June 20, 2016

USB Type C Advantage

USB Type-C is a new port connector, designed as a replacement for the existing USB Type-A – you know, the standard rectangular port we’ve been used to for almost 20 years. This new standard is considerably smaller, and can be inserted in either direction – there’s no such thing as upside-down.

One of USB Type-C’s advantages relative to USB Type-A is its size. Unlike USB Type-A, USB Type-C ports can fit along the edge of a smartphone. This is why in the mobile space, micro-USB ports have become popular – because USB Type-A was simply too large. It’s possible that USB Type-C may one day replace micro-USB.

 USB Type C cable

Current Applications

Some devices like Samsung tabpro s/Nokia N1 and Google Pixel C/LG G5/New macbook/Nexus 5X/Nexus 6P have adopted usb type c interface, type c has been the trends in market. In the next few months more and more devices will launch their new model with type c interface, it will be common in market

USB C adapter


The USB Type C will likely continue to be market driven and the usb type c market will expand, As of mid-2016, you’ll be faced with the purchase of more notebook/tablet pc/mobile phone with type c interface and you may want to choose a usb c cable to adapt to your device

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