USB Type A also could be reversible?

Friday, June 24, 2016

Convenience of reversible USB connector

With rapid development of reversible connector USB Type C,more and more people enjoy the convenience that reversible connector USB Type C brings,not need to distinguish the directions,can be plugged in both way without worry to plug in wrong way.

Reversible USB Type A connector came out.

While people indulge in USB Type C reversible,some people start to research and develop reversible USB Type A Connector.Obviously,the dream come true,reversible USB Type A was born.Please check below picture Sanguan USB Type A reversible connector.

Reversible USB Type A

Both reversible connector of USB Type C and USB Type A

Reversible USB Type C To Reversible USB Type A beome possible for old USB port and new USB Port,keeping convenient and fashional.That is a very amazing and exciting thing in USB technology.

USB Type C to Reversible Type A

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