These USB Type-C cables are Benson Leung Approve

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

                                   These USB Type-C cables are Benson Leung Approve

Now, USB TYPE C cables are reversible, and will be available on all kinds of devices.USB Type-C brings new perks to the mundane chore of connecting devices to each other and to chargers, but problems have cast a shadow -- notably when Google employee Benson Leung's effort to flag faulty cables fried his laptop and testing gear earlier this year.

You should probably know that Benson Leung isn't just a Google engineer -- he's also a crusader for the USB-C standard. Over the past several months, he's reviewed over 100 different USB-C cables and adapters on Amazon in his own free time. He dissects the cables to see if they meet the official USB specification ,Amazon has banned USB-C charging cables that do not comply with specifications, which are considered dangerous as they can damage devices they are used with and potentially cause safety risks.

   what is USB-C specification?rapid charging for nexus5p

The USB-C specification, which includes a reversible connector that can plug in either way up, was designed as the do-it-all cable capable of charging computers as well as smartphones, tablets and other low-power gadgets.

Amazon’s move sees it acting as a de facto quality control agent for the USB-C cables, helping users steer clear of much needed but sub-standard products. Many USB-C enabled devices come only with USB-C to USB-C cables, not with cables for plugging into older chargers or computers – which commonly have USB-A connections.

Designed under the USB 3.1 specification, USB-C can deliver a larger amount of power than older USB cables allowing them to be used to charge computers such as Apple’s MacBook and Google’s Chromebook, both of which require significantly more power than smartphones do.

 charge cmputers such as apple's macbook

To do so, USB-C cables have a 56k ohm resistor that allows the power supply and the device plugged into it to work out the correct power level that suits both ends of the charging party, making sure the device does not draw more power than the plug can supply.

 USB -C  cabl e 56k ohm  resistor



Thanks to Googler Benson Leung test our product , we have a pretty healthy list of cables that are the safe to use with your device . It’s probably safe to say that these are the best USB Type-C cables around.


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