The best USB Type C cables for your LG G5 or Nexus 5X

Friday, July 08, 2016

Galaxy S7 not use USB Type C

Faster data and charging transfers was realized by new standard USB port USB Type-C, but slow take-up rates last year, being adopted by just two popular lines in the US, that of the Nexus phones, and by Microsoft'sLumia 950 and 950XL runs. This year won't be an exception, it seems, as Samsung played it safe, and eschewed the Type-C connector on theGalaxy S7 and S7 edge for the sake of the good ol' micro-USB port. 

USB Type C to USB 3.0

LG G5 use USB Type C

Though we are disappointed by that decision,that Type-C becomes ubiquitous is inevitable.We are kind of happy that LG went that route with its newest G5 high-end handset, avoiding the proverbial Catch 22, and the HTC 10 is also listed with one.

USB Type C to Type C

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