USB Type-C Cables Description


The new USB Type-C cable is also known as USB 3.1. There were three previous versions of USB cables, versions 1.1, 2.0, and 3.0. The Type-C, or 3.1 version, has four main benefits over the three previous ones:


1 Faster speed at 10Gpbs which is double over USB 3.0.

2 Increased power output 20 Volt (V), 5 Amp (A). This is greater than USB 3.0 which was only 5V and 1.8A.

3 The power is bi-directional. All of the other versions were host to peripheral only. Apart from being able to charge a peripheral device, the Type C USB can also charge a host device. This means one solution will operate all your devices.

4 The cable configuration in all three previous versions were Type-A to Type-B. In the new Type-C USB cable, both ends are host reversible plug orientation. In other words, the plug can be inserted on either end and it will work. This removes frustration when trying to insert the plug.


Although USB 3.0’s ports and connectors have more pins than those of previous versions so they can deliver fast speeds and high power outputs, the pins work with previous versions.

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