Why USB Type-C?


The new USB Type-C standard enables higher performance with faster data transfer and higher power charging (up to 100 W) with better user experience through a small, symmetric plug and a universal cable. The new interface also enables the use of USB SuperSpeed and Type-C Power Delivery (PD) through a simpler, lower cost implementation. Users will see performance improvements with both higher data rate capabilities and charge current with this single cable and reversible plug.


Flexible, Tiny, Low-Power Solutions


Most available devices on market are very large, inflexible, and consume 10X more power than the Fairchild family of products. Fairchild’s USB Type-C controllers support all of the various modes including DRP, DFP, UFP, and accessory detection for each mode and provide the smallest footprint available, up to 43% smaller than other solutions. The controllers communicate through I2C which allows for reuse of an existing microprocessor and provides flexibility to reflect any future specification changes in software.


The Fairchild portfolio also includes USB power switches and SuperSpeed switches. Our USB 3.1 SuperSpeed switches have best-in-class performance and are packaged in the smallest possible footprint with active power consumption lower than other available solutions. The power switch family supports the Type-C VBUS requirements for various charging levels along with competitive RDSON and selectable protection features.


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