USB-C Extension Cable


With this USB Type-C(male) to Micro USB(female) Cable, you can easily connect any USB-B device (e.g. flash drives, keyboards, mice, etc) to a USB-C enabled device ( e.g. the new Macbook 12inch 2015). It also supports USB charging

USB 2.0 Data Transmission. Adopted USB 2.0 to transmit data, high-speed data transmission and it is compatible with most devices with Type-C port such as MacBook 12inch 2015, ZUK Z1, Nokia N1, Nexus5X, Nexus6P, OnePlus 2, Surface Pro 4, etc.
USB Type C To Micro B Female Cable
USB OTG Technology. This technology allows USB devices such as mobile phones to act as a host, allowing other USB devices such as USB flash drives, mice or keyboards to be attached to them. OTG(On-the-go) function allows your mobile phone directly read USB flash drive or mouse which are connected with micro USB connector

Type C to Micro 5Pin Female Cable

Reversible 24pin Dock Connector Design(Plug in Both Sides). This thoughtful design allows you to connect the adapter into the USB-C enabled devices in both orientations(upside and downside), provides you maximum convenience

USB Type C To Micro USB Female Cable

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