USB 3.1 & TYPE-C


USB 3.1 is the latest USB specification. This powerful new USB performance level is alternately known as USB SuperSpeed Plus, USB Gen 2, and USB Enhanced SuperSpeed. It's made a number of improvements over the previous versions including:

  • A new, symmetrical high bandwidth connector called USB Type-C
  • Data transfer rates that are twice the speed of existing USB technology (up to 10Gbit/s)
  • Enhanced power delivery of up to 20 volts, 5 amps, and 100 watts for power and charging
  • Built-in support for DisplayPort video and four channel audio (speaker and microphone)


USB 3.1 will revolutionize the way we connect tomorrow, but did you know existing USB products can deliver many of the same capabilities today?


What should you know about USB 3.1 and the USB C connector?

USB 3.1 is a brand new specification that will revolutionize desktop connectivity. Major industry manufacturers, including Sanguan, are working hard to bring you the newest and most powerful connection standard ever offered for PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and accessories. One day soon you may find that this new USB Type-C port is the only connection you'll need to charge and use all your digital devices! You can learn more about USB 3.1 & Type-C with our USB type-c cables to see each technology by the numbers.

What do USB 3.1 and USB Type-C really do?


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