How to easy and quickly identify poor Type-C usb cable ?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

                            How to easy and  quickly identify poor Type-C usb cable ?

Now ,With HTC and LG G5, Huawei P9 and flagship phones began to use USB type-C plug interface, USB type-C cable demand is gradually increasing. But just as in the past, USB cable encountered problems, the market will always be filled with poor quality wire. In the Google engineer Benson Leung concern, many poor USB type-C was found easily by consumers to buy, if you worry about buy a poor quality of USB type-C ,may wish to own a simple test quality!

The USB TYPE-C cable if it does not meet safety standards, if will fear of the risk of burning equipment.

Leung Benson previously found some USB type-C cable use for his chromebook pi?xel. For further test was found, many cheap USB type-C data line was unable to control the current
The reason is that so resistance using irregularities, also is not use 56K ohm pull-up resistor to help to identify equipment, decided to provide the current 1.5A or 2.4A

USB check R
USB Check is APP thatcan detect Type-C USB security

This will cause the risk of equipment have been burned. This Android platform a USBCheck app can assist in detecting USB type-C data line is consistent with the standards. After installation as long as the data line connected to a computer and nexus 5x, nexus 6p and pixel C tablet, you can get the test result. Once the red fork fork, the line may be the existence of security risks, try not to use it.

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