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Thursday, June 16, 2016

USB Type-C Cable is The Future

USB Type-C has developed more than 1 year,and the technology become more and more mature. The main features of USB Type-C is slim,can be reversible,which brings us lots of convenience and make the things easy when you plug in your PC and laptops,not need to distinguish the directions of the connector.So USB Type-C is the future,you should know more.


Type-C to USB-A cable 

You probably have a lot of accessories that rely on good, old-fashioned USB Type-A, and it will be some time before you manage to replace them all. Until that time, this Sanguan Type-C to USB-A cable will keep your gadgets, old and new, connected to one another.  

USB Type-C To USB3.0 A Cable


USB C To USB C cable

And now more and more USB Type-C devices come out,like USB Type-C port wall charger,Apple MacBook/Google Pixel USB Type-C Host.If you want to use a cable to connect your MacBook/USB Type-C wall charger to your USB-C phones/Tablets,you should know below type Sanguan USB C To USB C cable,which could support 3A current,rapid charging for phones/tablets

USB Type C to USB Type C Cable

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