Amazing USB-C may take the place of audio port

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

USB C replace standard USB

USB 3.1 Type C is the updated version of USB, it has replaced the standard offering of USB. Leading mobile brand like OnePlus,LG, XIAOMI,MEIZU,HUAWEI,LENOVE use the USB C to USB A as new phone cable.The micro 5pin B connector is replacing by the USB C.


According to Google Nexus 6P & Google Nexus 5X phone’s original USB C to USB C cable, both micro 5pin B and USB A ports are replacing by the USB C. One Research say that about 50% of the mobile phones will include USB Type-C in 4 years.

USB C to USB C cable

USB C replace HDMI/VGA/Displayport/MagSafe all in one

USB Type C products

12-inch Apple Macbook just include one single USB Type C. This port take over the function of the myriad of ports that are usually present on a MacBook,data,power,audio & video. It has replaced the standard offering of USB, HDMI/VGA/Displayport/MagSafe all in one.

USB-C replace audio port

Intel is working on USB-C for audio to remove this last vestige of 3.5mm audio jack.2.5mm thickness type c for sync,charging & audio,will make thinner and better come true.LeEco there second-generation phones,Motorola’s Moto Z line of devices announced to use the USB Type-C port for audio.

Getting rid of the 3.5mm jack is the trend.


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